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Tell the Stories that Save you
I have a great deal of trouble staying in bed. What I mean is, that when it's late and I want to sleep and I go upstairs and lie down, inevitably, I'll get ideas about things to do or say. In the past, I told myself, "I'll write that down in the morning."
Naturally I forget by morning. It's happened enough that I've given in, and when those inspirations strike, I roll out of bed, go downstairs to my computer, and write down what I feel like saying or doing. Or I just scribble a note into my phone - but those aren't nearly as legible.
This is one of those things I've been thinking about lately. I've been reading a fantastic trilogy of books called The Meditations Trilogy, by James A. Owen, who is probably my biggest creative inspiration (and who I had the great pleasure in meeting this past summer.) In these books, he shares his personal "mythology" - the experiences in his life, good and bad, and what he has learned from them. The path that has led him to be a successful novelis
:icondragonwolfrooke:DragonwolfRooke 27 21
Mother (2)
Memories fill the space behind closed
like a dotted midnight,
like galaxies expanding into the fore,
each moment, and similar moment
circling like the revolution of planets
around their sun,
solar systems sketching the distance between themselves
in the scope of time--
yet light years away.
You could only ever have been
spread across them
like an ocean,
in this negative of a universe
looking onto itself;
knowing of its own infinity,
wondering what else would fill the gravitational pit of a heart
but light  -- 
inconsolable, and uncontainable light
overtaking its own walls of support,
leaving a mess of itself
on the marred fabric of a mind. 
:iconmoonbeams:Moonbeams 4 1
i can't promise you anything.
i made a mistake
when i told you that i could love you
forever. i know now that the only thing
i can know for certain is that nothing
will ever be certain again. we could
wake up tomorrow and feel something
completely different. we could wake up
tomorrow and be completely different.
that's the exciting part. it's also the
part that makes it hard to even fall asleep
in the first place.
my heart attacks
my every whim and everyday is this whirlwind
of terror and elation and i don't even know
where to end or begin or if this makes sense
anymore, but the one thing i've come to realize
is the worst kind of lie will always be the
ones you don't even know you're telling. so
i'd say i'm sorry, but i'd like to think you
already know. it's nothing worth repeating.
nothing ever is.
when i'm tired
i tend to miss you in an overwhelming sort of  
way just because i'm not strong enough to fight
these feelings full time. i'm more of a halfway
girl, but there are a few things i fully understan
:iconpaperheartsyndrome:paperheartsyndrome 252 57
'Raichu', handmade sterling silver pendant by seralune 'Raichu', handmade sterling silver pendant :iconseralune:seralune 127 28 [AT] Critter by ZimtBeadwork [AT] Critter :iconzimtbeadwork:ZimtBeadwork 621 68 'Ivysaur', handmade sterling silver pendant by seralune 'Ivysaur', handmade sterling silver pendant :iconseralune:seralune 219 49 TF: Tiny Harbingers by Ty-Chou TF: Tiny Harbingers :iconty-chou:Ty-Chou 96 21 Boost OK Close up by Ty-Chou Boost OK Close up :iconty-chou:Ty-Chou 318 75
Hug the world
Dear Reader,
If you are reading this journal, I let you know, I want to hug you. No reason really, just because you are here, alive and probably need a hug. We all do. We all need a hug. Because in this world we slowly forget about the importance of expressing our care and how much we love each other. 
Lots and lots of hugs :hug:
:iconxoxdarklightxox:XoxDarKLighTxOX 3 10
The Happy Squirrel
   Story time, dear watchers!
   I keep a trusty bird feeder out on the lawn and the other day I just happened to look out the kitchen window and I saw this! :dummy:

   This cutie was munch-munch-munching away like crazy. Just stuffing her face with sunflower seeds. Aww revamp
   So of course I ran for the camera and had fun snapping some "Zomg, there's actually a squirrel in the garden!" photos. Excited-cute 

   She was very, very watchful and looking around all the time while some of the small birds actually tried to chase her away (poor thing). :lol:

   Such a beauty! Just look at those ear tufts! So looong. Omg I gets present
  But after a while I started to think to myself: Exa
:iconravenmontoya:RavenMontoya 19 34
Little Life Update

I often feel like apologising at the start of these posts: Sorry I've been gone a while, sorry I haven't replied to everyone. 
However I'm trying to make a conscious effort to not apologise for taking care of myself; when I'm feeling low it's just not as possible for me to interact with the world how I'd like. Basic activities like making food, showering, and housework take up so much energy that all I have left I have to put into my recovery, engaging in things like exercise, meditation and therapy.
Things have been... well tough. I haven't needed hospitalisation again since my stay in February; but things have not improved as fast as I'd hoped. I am better in the sense that I am no longer suicidal, and I'm pushing forward, but the black dog seems to be keeping pace however fast I run.
Numerous time I've had few good days and think I'm coming out of this, but then am slapped back with another period of being disconnected and low. I
:icondestinyblue:DestinyBlue 157 188
'Amigurumi Eevee' by seralune 'Amigurumi Eevee' :iconseralune:seralune 156 55 Cosmic Zoo: Pleiades by Shivita Cosmic Zoo: Pleiades :iconshivita:Shivita 1,975 126 Overwatch by jacky5493 Overwatch :iconjacky5493:jacky5493 2,337 45


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
Current Residence: Scotland, UK
Favourite genre of music: Varies.
Favourite style of art: Most.
Shell of choice: That one! It's awesome looking
Skin of choice: Mine! ... I think it's mine...
Favourite cartoon character: DON'T MAKE ME CHOOSE! My favourites usually die...
Personal Quote: Don't judge me!

Anyone who watches my Scraps will probably be annoyed by the amount of random stuff that I upload there. Can't say I didn't warn you.

If you like Transformers, come talk with us over at :icondecepticon-nation: some time! :)

The group is always open to new members.

As the title says, the Transformers group Decepticon-Nation is having a recruitment drive! 
If you or someone you know would like to join, now is a great time as we are having a recruitment contest, which I'll explain a little further below. :)

You probably already guessed, but this group is for Decepticon OCs only. (Sorry, Autobots!)
There are plenty of fun missions to do to play along with the main story, earning ranks and competing with others both in whichever class(medic, scientist, frontliner, etc.) you choose, if you prefer fun rivalries, and with others from other classes, if you want to get to know the group as a whole.

That's not all there is though!
The missions are also good for getting stories written and/or art done as you put your character through many different situations. Plus, it's a great chance to get to know other fans and their characters, and see their art and stories, and get involved, especially if you check out the forum where lots of RP adventures happen!

Now - about the recruitment contest! 
This is a link to the official journal:   -= Recruiting Contest =-All contest winners have been contacted. Physical prizes will be sent out next week. Also, in game prizes will be added next week as well. Please take a picture of your prize once you receive it so it can be submitted to the new contest folder! Thank you!
Recruits Thus Far
DarkFirestorm123 has three recruits.
Happyhedgehog has seven recruits.
SECRET-NINJA-SUPER-M has two recruits.
WingsofParadox has six recruits.
Contest ends Fed 28th!
::Nearby screens in the labs and rec rooms start buzzing to notify an important message was being shared:: ::Nightbird appears on the screen speaking an unusual language. Fortunately there is text translating into Cybertronian on the bottom of the screen::
Despite what others may say, I am currently the only Commander on the Decepticon base. No one else has been given any authority to take over any position.
What we currently need is more manpower to deal with gathering energon, dealing with the unrest on other
 It should explain everything you need to know.

But, if you want to be recruited by me and my character, please keep reading!

If you think you might be interested, all you have to do is read the rules and fill out a profile and a datapad, which are linked below.

 The rules of the group are here:  ++The Rules++Decepticon-Nation is a community revolving around fan characters made for the Transformers franchise that label themselves as soldiers of the Decepticon faction. While members may join for the sake of showcasing art and fiction of their Decepticon character or canon Decepticons, the club also has a strong focus on interactive elements.
Characters will be able to participate in a plot based game that allows them to collaborate with fellow members and build the characterization of their creation. The method of interaction will include RP or art/fiction based missions, battles, and contests. Please read the rules and guidelines below to learn how to set up your character for the interactive elements, as well as general rules for art submission.
The club's setting takes place in a more Classic G1 type universe. However, OC's from all different universes are welcome to join. This includes Beast Wars/Machines, Animated, the live action movies, and dare I say Kiss Players. The inclusion of Be

And we have a Youtube video to help you fill out your character profile sheet for the group, which can be found here with the profile and datapad information: decepticon-nation.deviantart.c…
If you have any questions or need help with anything just let me know and I'll see what I can do to help!

Once you've done this and the group has accepted your character, you need to send a note to deceptitroops and tell them that Nightshadow recruited you!

I, personally, have had a lot of fun with this group, and I'd really like to bring more people in to share stories and have adventures with!
So if you're interested, please leave a comment below with any questions you might have or just to say hi and that you want to join in!
Also, feel free to link other people to this journal if you think they might be interested. The more the merrier! :D

If you do join, please remember to put a post on your front page to let other group members know that you've already been asked.

Thank you for your time! I hope you're having a nice day.
(Sorry for any typos and such, I'm sleepy. Edits will be done later if need be.)
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